Tips for Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Tips for Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Used cars are affordable and easily available, and when buying from a reputable car dealer you gain many advantages.  Here are some useful tips

Good Warranty

Ensure the dealer provides the car with a decent warranty. You want to avoid a situation where you buy a car that constantly breaks down shortly after purchase. Bearing in mind that a car is an expensive asset to purchase, a good warranty would reassure the new owner of the reliability of that car.

Good warranties, even if they cost extra, are vital for any car purchase because you won’t have to foot the bill for every car problem. It is a good assurance when you know that in case of anything, it would not dent your pocket.

How to Know a Good Warranty

Look out for the providers who have been around for a longer time with proven experience in the industry.  You also need to carefully examine the warranty plan offered. There is a saying that the devil is in the detail. Therefore, read the fine print and ask the dealer questions. Compare this with other warranty providers in the market to see which best suits your needs.

Dealer Must be Authentic

You need to ensure that you get an authentic and reliable dealer. There are many cons on the internet lately and you do not want to fall prey to one.

HPI Check

The second thing is to ensure that the vehicles sold by the dealer are HPI Checked. This check does easy and quick history enquiries on the car you want to purchase.

You need an HPI check because when examining the history of the car, it may reveal a past that was previously hidden from you. It will reveal whether it is stolen, written off by an insurance company, or has outstanding finance debt. Furthermore, it can reveal interesting details such as discrepancies in mileage records – you don’t want to acquire a car that has been ‘clocked’.  With numerous other checks such as the VIN number, records of import/export, the HPI check will make sure you don’t get scammed.  Ask the dealer to show you the HPI report.  If he seems unwilling to do this, then steer clear.

RAC and AA Trading Bodies

Another important tip to note is to check whether the dealer conforms to the standards of trading bodies like the AA or RAC. Check with those organisation’s websites to be sure the dealer is definitely a member.

As a buyer, you must be convinced that this is the best deal you are getting in the market. Before you sign make sue you have followed the above tips and that there is no doubt in your mind about the dealer of the car you are about to commit to.